Frequently Asked Questions

What does your software do?

Our BankruptcyPRO® program produces the official bankruptcy forms and converts them to PDF files for electronic filing. Data entry is easy and intuitive. The program handles all the necessary calculations. There is a built-in word processor/merge capability as well for internal forms (e.g., retainer agreements, letters to clients, etc.).

Can I get just the chapters I need?

Yes. BankruptcyPRO Chapter 13 pricing is based upon whether we have programmed your local plan. However, once you have licensed the appropriate version, all the Chapter 13 plans we have programmed will be available to you at no extra charge. Codes are used to change your license so there is no need to uninstall to add chapters or users. You will just pay the difference to upgrade your license to your new desired configuration. Your new capability appears once you get a new unlock code and activate your license.

How often do you update your software?

Updates are not provided on a set schedule since we continuously improve our software due to changes in forms or the means test, client recommendations, and new technology. We generally recommend that you check for updates every two weeks so that you will have the latest version and all the newest changes.

Is there training available to learn the software quickly?

All new clients who purchase a full license are entitled to a free one-hour dedicated online training session. Additional dedicated training sessions are available for a reasonable fee. We can also send out representatives for on-site training, which is especially important to large offices who might be switching from other software providers.

What are your system requirements for your software?

System Requirements

  • Windows NT
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • 500 MB of RAM

Video Capability

  • 1024×768 or higher
  • (96 DPI for BankruptcyPRO)

Disk Space

  • 50 MB for BankruptcyPRO

Apple® users should contact a technical support representative for installation help.

How do you provide technical support for your software and is there a fee?

Unlimited telephone and remote support is included with a current license. We will be happy to walk you through filing electronically. We also have Quick Reference Guides and User Guides and instructions for our software on our support forum.  If you would like a dedicated extended training session, we will gladly provide that as well for an additional charge.

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