Order due diligence products from CIN Legal Data Services

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BankruptcyPRO users can now order due diligence products from CIN Legal Data Services directly through BankruptcyPRO. Before ordering the products, you will need to create an account with CIN Legal Data Services either on their website or by calling (866) 218-1003.

How to order products within BankruptcyPRO

Open your client’s case in BankruptcyPRO and click on the turquoise CR button at the top of the screen to open the CR Wizard. Select Submit a NEW report to open the supplier window. Select CIN Legal Data Services (with option to order Due Diligence Products).  Then click on the Next button.

On the Prepare Report Wizard window, select the client(s) for whom you are requesting a report. BankruptcyPRO fills in the data from the General Information in your case (the G button). Make sure the information is complete and correct, before clicking on the Next button.

On the Account Login window, enter the Client Code, User Name and Password provided to you by CIN Legal Data Services and then click on the Next button. BankruptcyPRO gives you the option to save this information.

On the Due Diligence Order window, you will go through the tabs to select which products you wish to order.  You can now order (in addition to the Consumer Liability Reports), Credit Counseling courses, Financial Management Courses, tax transcripts, automobile valuations, real estate appraisals and lien searches.

When finished selecting the products click on the Confirmation Tab to review your selections before clicking on the Place Order button.

When your order is processed a pop-up window will appear asking if you would like BankruptcyPRO to click on the Next button. If you click on the Yes button, BankruptcyPRO will retrieve the ordered products available and download the reports.

Viewing the reports

To review the reports, click on the CR button again and select Work with an existing report. Select the report you wish to view before clicking on the Next button to open the Account Login window. Then click on the View Existing Results button to open the Order Status window. This window displays a list of information about each product:

  • Date and time the product was ordered
  • Product ID
  • Product Name
  • Order Number
  • Order Item Number
  • and Status of the report (either Pending or Complete)

If a product’s status states Complete, select that product and click on the View Report button at the bottom of the screen. If the status report is Pending, click on the Back button to the Account Login window and click on the Retrieve Updated Results button.  Clicking on this button refreshes the results listing.

To Update the Status of your order, or to order additional products for your client, use the Work with Existing Report selection.

CIN Legal Data Services

Phone: (866) 218-1003

Fax: (866) 307-1003


Posted on: November 13, 2012