Order credit reports from Suite Solutions through BankruptcyPRO

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Since 2006, Suite Solutions has been providing comprehensive three-bureau credit reports that import directly into BankruptcyPRO in minutes. Suite Solutions Credit Reports are formulated with bankruptcy cases in mind.  These reports enable you to cover due diligence while eliminating forgotten liabilities, errors, typing, and BAPCPA due diligence compliance worries.

Suite Solutions’ bankruptcy-specific credit reports provide:

  • Comprehensive, accurate credit report data from all three national credit bureaus
  • Public Record Data – Suite Solutions searches public record information from three separate sources to find prior bankruptcies, judgments, and liens.
  • Medical Liabilities – Suite Solutions offers the most complete source of detailed medical collections information available directly to bankruptcy attorneys.
  • Predictive New Beginnings® credit score – New Beginnings predicts post-bankruptcy credit scores based on the current credit report and typical bankruptcy situations.

Research shows that up-to-date information from all three credit bureaus is critical to ensure that a bankruptcy filing completely lists all liabilities to provide the best outcome for clients. If you are interested in saving your firm time and money, enrollment is easy!

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Posted on: July 31, 2012