Order credit counseling and debtor education from Start Fresh Today

LegalPRO Systems, Inc., in association with Start Fresh Today, has added another valuable tool to BankruptcyPRO. You can now order Credit Counseling and Debtor Education directly from Start Fresh Today from within BankruptcyPRO.

BankruptcyPRO will show you the status for your orders (e.g., not started, in progress, completed, certified) and will store your certificates in your ECF File Manager in your case — ready for filing!

If you already have a Start Fresh Today account, you will still need to establish a new account with them in BankruptcyPRO for the interface to work.

To set up a new account from within BankruptcyPRO, click on the SFT button, then choose the click here link to create an attorney account. You can check the status of your orders from inside or outside a case.

Start Fresh Today

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Posted on: January 11, 2012